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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Only sing when you're winking

[I don't like the title at all. The British still call him winker. So irritating.]

October 11, 2006

MAN United star Cristiano Ronaldo could be popping up in the charts — by writing a song with his family.

The Portuguese “winker” will team up with his brother and sisters for a tribute to his late dad.

Ronaldo, 21, was distraught when Dinis Aveiro, 51, died last year.

He dedicated a goal to him during the World Cup — where he famously winked at team-mates after getting England’s Wayne Rooney sent off.

Now his sister Katie will release a one-off tribute record with the lyrics written by Ronaldo, his brother Hugo and other sister Elma.

Katie, 27, sings under the name Ronalda and has released two albums in Portugal.

She said: “I have to prove I can sing and that I’m not just Ronaldo’s sister. The public adore me for myself, not because of my brother.”

Dad Dinis was the kit man at an amateur team called Andorinha in Madeira, where Ronaldo first played football. He died hours before Ronaldo played a World Cup qualifier against Russia. Ronaldo — whose winking has made him the target of English fans’ fury this season — later said: “The death of my father influenced everything.

“I knew the pain would pass and that the most important thing was for me to continue with my work.”


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