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Monday, October 09, 2006

The new addtion to the family

Wayne and Coleen announced an addition to their family today.

"We are really chuffed" Coleen said to reporters outside their Cheshire Mansion this morning.
"Wayne is actually now called Waynetta, we didn't know he was a she until yesterday afternoon when she gave birth to a single kitten" she added.

"We have no idea who the father is, but we are going to support Waynetta during this difficult time, we have called the kitten Nev" Said a beaming Rooney.

Waynetta is the cat that was given to Cristiano Ronaldo by Wayne Rooney as a peace offering after thier infamous WC bust up. However, after a few days an obviously distressed Waynetta turned up at the Rooney front door.

CR was unavailable for comment today, but a club spokesman has said that he denies all knowledge of the pregnancy.


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