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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rooney: Don't boo Ronaldo

Wayne Rooney wants fans to lay off Cristiano Ronaldo, insisting there is no problem with the Portuguese winger.
Many England fans still apportion blame in Ronaldo's direction for Rooney's sending off against Portugal in the World Cup quarter finals this summer. The 21-year-old winger experienced a torrent of abuse in his first game back for the Reds against Oxford in a friendly. He can expect more of the same at away grounds throughout the season.
Rooney says the incident is all in the past and is urging fans to stop booing his United team-mate.
"I would rather he didn't get any stick," said Rooney. "You don't want to see any player get booed. I am not going to lie, I was disappointed with his involvement in the sending off. But that is in the past now. "I think he's big enough to deal with anything that comes his way. You saw that the other night. Cristiano got booed but he still scored two fantastic goals."
Rooney’s explanation shows there is no lingering resentment between the two players, which will please Sir Alex Ferguson and United’s fans. But, as for opposition fans, the temptation to boo Ronaldo is still likely to prove too strong.
"Unfortunately, whenever England don't do well in a World Cup or a major tournament, people look for a scapegoat. This year, people turned on Cristiano.”


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