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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cristiano dumped by half-star

03 February 2007

Despite the fine form Cristiano Ronaldo has shown on the field this season, the mating season might not be going too well for the classy winger.

British tabloids have reported that Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Gemma Atkinson, has been dating at least two other men behind the back of Cristiano.

A source from Old Trafford told a British newspaper that a few players were picking on Ronaldo after Gemma Atkinson was pictured with Lee Ryan and Miami Vice star Don Johnson.

Classy Ronaldo downplayed these claims by saying his relationship with Gemma Atkinson is 'casual' while Atkinson's PR staff told reporters that she and Ronaldo are still together.

The Portugal millionaire footballer claims they're not, an attention seeker with fake boobs claim they are. At least we know who is running after who. Posted by Picasa


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