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Thursday, January 18, 2007

“Will make him pay if I win”

One more goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, his 13th, and the bet made with Ferguson is almost won.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 13th goal of the season in Manchester’s comfortable win against Aston Villa (3-1) this Saturday, and he is just 2 goals away from winning the pre-season wager set with Sir Alex Ferguson. “Not yet accomplished, but I expect to win. I lost twice already, and both times he waived payment, but now is all or nothing and will make him pay”, he assured, laughing, to Gestifute Media.
The possibility that his manager may revise the bet, according to his own words a few weeks ago, is “something to considerer”, but first there must be a settlement of accounts between the two. “Will claim the debt if I win, only then we’ll see if a new bet is to made”, he assures obviously not knowing yet what score he might be able to get by the end of the season. “Honestly, I don’t know how many goals I might be able to score. What I know right now is that I’m enjoying the moment, I’m thrilled to be a member of this team, everything is fantastic, and goals come naturally. What I mean is that I don’t feel obsessed with it; what really matters is the team and win the matches, be champion, work hard and I want to keep things as it is”.
The deal made between the two during pre-season was to score 15 goals against 400£, amount suggested by Cristiano Ronaldo himself since Ferguson was willing to bet 100£. “I knew then I could win. I’m just 2 goals away, lets see what happens…”. Last season they bet the same 15 goals, but the Portuguese phenomenon only scored 12, and 2 years ago they agreed on 10 and Cristiano scored nine.
This time – and it seems so – Cristiano Ronaldo will know, for the very first time, what feels like winning his coach. But this doesn’t mean he is willing to get England’s best finisher title despite being one behind from leader Didier Drogba. “No way”, and this being said spontaneously, open-hearted. “It’s a possibility that never crossed my mind”, he adds. “What I do want is to work – hard and well - and help my team”.
Thus, goals are a parallel issue. What really matters is to conquer the title and that is doable as time goes by. Chelsea also won, so they keep six points behind; the difference is one match less to play. “Manchester is in a good moment, we want to keep this way and not thinking about Chelsea, only on what we have to do. I believe this year we are going to succeed and be champions”.
Cristiano Ronaldo received December’s Player of the Month award this Saturday just before the game against Aston Villa started, and this after being considered November’s Player of the Month. CristianoRonaldo becomes only the third player to win the Premiership Player of the Month Award twice in a row after Robbie Fowler in 1996 and Bergkamp in 1997, which makes the Portugal international full of pride. “I feel quite happy for these two awards, its good for me and Manchester, and better knowing that only a couple of players succeed it”, he reacts. “And that gives enough motivation to go on working with spirits well high”.
With this afternoon’s performance - and the goal scored with his head (season’s third) -, Cristiano Ronaldo is set to make history again and get the same award in January. “To be Player of the Month three times in a row?”, he repeats with a smile. “I work for it, because that means I’m helping the team and that's my ultimate goal. Who knows it might happen again. Anything is possible…”.
And Cristiano Ronaldo, who could have scored Manchester fourth, left Old Trafford with the tune “There’s only one Ronaldo” sung out loud, and as the legend Bobby Charlton said a few days ago, “he does things we never saw others do, he plays at the same level of the best and people come to see him do things from out of this world”.

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