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Monday, November 20, 2006

Ronaldo talks of his stalker hell

SOCCER ace Cristiano Ronaldo has been stalked by a smitten Dutch beauty.

The panicking Manchester United winger called the club’s security men to his house after the girl repeatedly turned up at his door.

She had fallen for him on a trip to Holland — and followed him back to Manchester on the same flight.

Ronaldo, 21, told how his cousin Nuno answered his doorbell at 6am and found her on the step.

The £12million Portuguese star peeped through the window at his Cheshire home and recognised her from the plane.

He said: “It was a Dutch girl who had come looking for me without any suitcases or anything and was going round asking people where I lived.

“She told Nuno that she had travelled especially to see me.

Targeted ... Ronaldo's house

“According to the girl, when I went to Holland, she saw in my eyes that she was the love of my life. I told her to come back in the afternoon.

“I spoke with her and with her mum on the phone. It was a very strange situation.”The girl was persuaded to return to Holland but just two months later was back at his house.

Ronaldo told Portuguese sports paper A Bola: “At that point I had to do something. I called the club’s security and from that moment on I didn’t hear anything more from her.”

Ronaldo — who famously winked at Portuguese team-mates after helping to get Wayne Rooney sent off in the World Cup — said he had been a “scapegoat” for England’s defeat.

But he insisted: “It doesn’t bother me too much. At the end of the day my country comes first and if it were today I’d do exactly the same thing.”



Blogger CapriciousDiva said...

I read this story it made me laugh. You can't really blame the girl for getting obessed can you? I can see how it must have been scary for him though poor sexy thing. I wonder what the security guards said to her that she ain't been back since. Trust Ronaldo to get Nuno to deal with her at the door. lol

8:49 PM  
Blogger CRholic said...

well, i think it's annoying act somehow. Even though we like Ronnie, we whould noy disturb his private life. It's unfair to Ronnie. And study and being at home are more suitable for the lady at that age

11:29 AM  
Blogger CapriciousDiva said...

i never seen it that way i thought he would have been used that sort of attention. But Crisitano's quite sensitive so perhaps it would have affected him on another level

2:35 AM  

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