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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ronaldo praised for his courage

25/08/2006 14:14, Report by Ben Hibbs

Sir Alex Ferguson has been impressed by the courage shown by Cristiano Ronaldo in the face of animosity from opposition fans – declaring that the 21-year-old winger has been “fantastic” and “courageous”.

Ronaldo has become the pantomime villain at away grounds around the country with fans treating the Portuguese winger as the scapegoat for England’s World Cup exit.

Sir Alex never doubted that Ronaldo would react in a positive way. He said: “Cristiano has been fantastic. But I’m not surprised at all. In fact, I’d have put my life on him playing well. He’s got fantastic courage and belief in himself and he is improving.”

The United boss has witnessed, first hand, the kind of abuse Ronaldo has had to contend with.

“On Wednesday I watched a fan up and down, screaming and shouting and bawling at Cristiano,” he said. “He didn’t watch the game at all for the first ten minutes. He must have had a bad Portuguese meal one time.

“Eventually it was mumbles at the end, exactly what I thought would happen. He got fed up, his throat got sore.

“Great players always get it,” he added. “It’s about having the courage not to be intimidated by it and take the game to the opponent. That’s what he does. I don’t think he relishes [the reaction he gets] but he isn’t intimidated by it. He has got real character.”


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