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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rio hails RonaldoCristiano's Tops

26/12/2006 10:52, Report by Steve Bartram

For Rio
Cristiano Ronaldo will sign off 2006 as the best player in the Premiership. And Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand reckons it is down to Ronaldo’s great balls of fire! Ferdinand said: “In adverse situations the top players make sure their performances get noticed more than anything else and Ronnie has done that this season. With all the stuff from the England v Portugal fiasco, you saw the reaction of the fans when his name was announced - they booed. But he answers on the football pitch and he has been the best player in the league this season so far. For someone who receives the ball and who wants the ball as much as he does, who is getting kicked from pillar to post every game, that tells you he is a strong character and someone who has the balls to stand up to people."
Janine Self, The Sun

Elsewhere, Sir Alex Ferguson's pre-Wigan programme notes are plundered for their content. The Gaffer's assertion that his squad has sufficient strength in depth to win the Premiership is the most widely used quote.

Finally, Arsenal's Robin van Persie claims that Arsenal, not champions Chelsea or Premiership leaders United, are the best team in England. Posted by Picasa


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