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Sunday, October 22, 2006


By Simon Mullock

LOUIS SAHA says that having Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United is like playing alongside Zinedine Zidane on speed.

"They can do everything that Zidane can do - but they do it so much quicker," said Saha of the two men who each have their sights on emulating the legendary 'ZZ' by becoming the world's greatest footballer.

Saha, a former France team-mate of Zidane, admits he is often left breathless by the skill of his two Old Trafford attack partners - and by the sheer pace at which they operate.

"It is just amazing to be playing in the same team as Wayne and Cristiano," he added. "The way they play is a dream. And as a striker you are always going to get a lot of opportunities to score because of them.

"It is like playing with two Zidanes. Yet everything is also done at great speed and defenders find it very difficult to cope with them together.

"It is good to have just one player with that kind of ability. To have two who can open teams up in a second is amazing.

"And they both have mental strength to cope whenever things go wrong."

Saha has scored six times this season, with the two Rs providing the ammunition.

After two years of injury problems, the French international is finally finding the form that prompted Sir Alex Ferguson to pay Fulham £12m.

"I am playing well, apart from the game against Copenhagen when I missed too many chances.

"I am scoring goals for the team, and the fans are seeing the real me.

"But we know the Liverpool game is very different to all the others.

"It is so important for the fans that we win. There is more pressure when we play Liverpool, but they are the games you love to play in."


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