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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fletcher reveals the secrets of the training ground

04/10/2006 09:13, Report by Ben Hibbs

Darren Fletcher reveals the secrets of the training ground – look away now, Edwin…

Best trainer
The best player is Paul Scholes, without a doubt. You get tough games in the Premiership but playing against Scholesy in training is the hardest thing you’ll face in football. His touch, imagination and vision for passes is amazing, and he scores goals for fun from just about anywhere on the pitch.

Worst trainer
Wes Brown. He’s so laid back. When it comes to games he is top class and such a tough tackler, but in training I think he takes it easy on people. He won’t go flying in for tackles. You might beat him with a bit of skill, but it’s normally because he is holding back.

Who tries the most outrageous skill
I think you can guess that one, it’s obvious - Ronaldo. He’s always trying to make you look stupid by doing stepovers or some mad trick you’ve never seen before. Something of the tricks he does you can’t even get your head round. He’s always practicing new ones as well, after training or during it. And whenever you go in to tackle him you have to bear in mind there’s a good chance he’ll nutmeg you or leave you on your backside.

Toughest tackler
It’s close, between Vida and Wes. Neither holds back in a game, but I’ll say Vida, because he’s tough whether it’s an all-or-nothing first-team match or a 5-a-side kickabout. In games, I don’t think anyone beats Wes, though.

Anybody always play out of position?
We get given positions to play in training, so you don’t always move around. But I think Rio fancies himself as a centre forward and Wayne thinks he would be brilliant in any position. He’d think he was the best right-back in the world if he played there!

Joker in the dressing room
Ryan Giggs probably has the best sense of humour, he comes out with one-liners that have everyone in stitches. But Cristiano, Wes, Rio and Wayne are always doing pranks. Ronnie hangs up people’s clothes in the dressing room if they are wearing something extravagant. Of course, everything he wears is brilliant! Wayne is constantly up to something and Wes and Rio you have to watch out for as well.

Most serious person
Probably Vida. He takes his football very seriously. He does like a laugh, but he’s really focused on the games and in training.

Cleverest player
[Long pause] I’d say Sheasy. I’m not the thickest, but I think Sheasy is probably the cleverest in the squad.

Best and worst dressed…
Ronaldo would say he’s got the best clothes. As for the worst dressed… Patrice gets stick, but I think he’s all right [Pauses to think, then Ronaldo walks in]
DF: Ronnie, who’s the worst dressed player? Patrice?
CR: No, Patrice is good. [Pauses, then bursts into laughter] Edwin! Put Edwin.

Honest assessment of yourself as a trainer
I work hard and I always train even if I’ve got a niggling injury. I don’t like to miss training. I’d like to think the lads would want me on their side in training because I do a lot for the team and always put in the effort.

Best thing about training
The fact that you come in and play football every day. There’s nothing better than being able to do something you love doing each day. Also, the camaraderie and banter between the lads, it makes it an enjoyable place to be.

Worst things about training
The gym. I try and go whenever I can, but weights don’t seem to have any effect on me at the moment. It’ll come one day, but weight training isn’t something I particularly enjoy, it’s just something you have to do.


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